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:: Services provided in Sefaresh.Net

Website Design is trying to scientific and science-based approach shot on efficient and attractive to implement on your website

Website Optimization

SEO of a site better and more enticing to the search engine for rank higher in search results

Mobile Application

What is your profit of 35 million smartphones Iranian users? Thousands market share is assigned to your application

Hosting Web

One of the important characteristics of a good site,speed,stability,and certainly in the user connection,the server is important

Advertising System

Telegrams and other social networking horizon of the new advertising face of domestic and foreign market

Registration domain

The first step for the Internet to register a name on the Internet. It is possible for a period of one year to ten years

Online test

All features of the software online test by Sefaresh.Net will be at your service to easily test your company's online

Smart Softwares custom software development, web hosting enterprise applications, internal and commercial, etc

Online markets

The work is part of the online advertising industry allocated Sefaresh.Net Bstrmnasby has provided
At all stages of designing a professional website to know in one minute

:: Steps Order : The first step is choosing the proper domain

Having an appropriate name for the site contributed to the success of your website will be. Factors such as the number of lower case letters, similar to what the site offers name, to avoid spelling unfamiliar, melodic and many other factors in the development of a web site .So be sure before you do anything, consider your own domain for your using Domain search tool Free of your desired domain and make it register.

:: Steps Order : Second, the choice of web hosting plans (Hosting)

Having a good hosting service is directly related to the success of a blog or personal site. On the other hand, if your hosting service, the quality of their services are not required in many problems can make you appearد.Therefore, a host is selected, the most important thing is to start a website. servers with up to 4 times more ،Ready to host your site! To order hosting your website is enough space between your ideal web hosting plan selection and order itIn the shortest time possible you will be ready!

:: Steps Order : Third, pay and activation services

After recording each order related to the order the invoice will be generated automaticallyAnd then be able to techniques such as online payment or bank deposit account and pay it.Pay per invoice the order confirmation process and its activation will be done automatically And as soon as possible'll be able to use your service.
In the event of any delays and problems do not worry! Using a different way communication can let us know the problem with !
We are on your side ...

:: Steps Order : The fourth step, selection and installation of CMS

Today, the web content management system called CMSKnown, stands Content Management SystemIs that a software program on the server and allow webmasters To modify site content without having to redesign the site .
Why are you a CMS Not sure how?
If your site how often (eg every two weeks) is updated Alternately, you can see that each time a web design firm Yourself with one of these programs, content management, changes apply on your sites. .
If you do not update your site at all.،Should fall gradually to think, because your visitors when they encounter ever with a permanent gradually you forget, because little to no .
What's a CMS?
A wide spectrum of possibilities. MostCMS In different versions and with different capabilities to be marketed. Of course, the ability to update the information in all the common, but other special features that your site must be used according to their tastes and choose.

::Steps Order : Step Five, custom website design

A site can even play the role of a promotional brochure for you with features much more than a simple brochure.Your use of the Website can easily introduce your products to your visitors, make them aware of the latest changes, Put them in providing the required information or comments they gather.You can even create a discussion forum on the site to let others express their opinions and the opinions of others to respond. Do not underestimate the role your website !
Along with high efficiency, beautiful appearance having one of the most important factors affecting your website ... this beauty we will gift you!
Before submitting the orderPrevious work samples See later for Order Development Its not ... !

::Steps Order : The sixth step, enjoy your website

Your website is ready!
Now is the time to use the website ... hope that without any problems and enjoy problem working with your websiteHowever Simply order NET team will be always at your side. In case of any questions and problems is enough to share it with us Bridges Us :
Support Ticket : Portal customers
Online Forum : Support online system

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Order Development

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